We want to hear your views!

CW Members' Survey

We care about our members, so tell us your views!

The Conservative Party in Cheshire and Wirral is contacting new, current and former members to find out why they chose to join the Party and find out what we can do to make your experience even better.

We'd contacting new and current members to find out what are the best ways of getting you involved in campaigning and fundraising. However, if you are a former member, please give five minutes of your time to tell us why you left the Party and also to tell us how we can retain more members in future.

In some cases, your membership may have lapsed because you have moved house, weren’t notified or simply forgot at the time.  If that’s the case, we’d love to welcome you back – the easiest way is online, click here to join. 

What can you do to support the Conservative Party?

Every member makes us stronger and, here in Cheshire and Wirral, every member helps us take back control of our five councils. Please also be assured that any subscription you pay is used for our campaigns in Cheshire and Wirral. Whether you want to rejoin, get involved, campaign or fundraise, we really do want to hear your views, so complete our survey below.